The Future of You That You Least Suspect

February 26, 2020


The other night my teenage boys asked me what was on my mind (likely looking for material to make fun of me. Just kidding, they’re thoughtful kids).

Instead of trying to “kid proof” my thoughts or rush the conversation, I wrote them a letter. First, to explain that I’m consumed by how we think about and where we look for answers to the biggest questions of our time (listed below), and second, to propose an alternative way of finding answers (hint: I found inspiration in an amoeba).

  1. How are we going to address climate change before it creates global chaos?
  2. What jobs will be available for my kids when they finish school? What should they study?
  3. Over the next few decades, how will we re-train ourselves fast enough – again and again – to remain employed and useful as technology becomes more capable?
  4. Can the human race cooperate well enough to solve our biggest problems or will the future simply overwhelm us?
  5. Most importantly, where do we look to find answers to these questions?
  6. Hopefully I didn’t ruin the possibility that my kids will ever again ask me what’s on my mind