Can you believe we used to live like this?!

October 16, 2018


When future generations look back on our current behavior, what will they say?

Can you believe people used to…?!?!” *

For example, can you believe that people used to…drive cars themselves, communicate by tapping fingers, use wires to transmit energy, eat meat that was farmed rather than grown, or be unaided in their thinking?

I asked this on social media recently and here are a some fun responses:

  • Hug/kiss/share food without knowing biological risks
  • Lie and not get caught
  • Sit around in buildings staring at glowing rectangles to work

What do we believe or do today that will cause future generations to sigh in disbelief? What will The Onion of the future parody as ridiculous? And in what ways can we jump across our imagination boundaries to better contemplate possibilities outside our current reality?


P.S. Not understanding our microbiome and the countless ways it affects our health and wellness will surely be the basis of some of those future “can you believe we used to…” observations. Read why: How uBiome is Making Our Microbiome the Platform That Changes Almost Everything

*The question was inspired by The Onion’s piece on Blockbuster Video, which they refer to as “a specialty shop where customers exchanged money for the short term use of videos in an archaic system called renting.”