Three Thoughts

June 12, 2018


I sent my first email newsletter a few weeks ago and have been ruminating on the responses since. I have three observations.

1. There is a deep, untapped reservoir of intellect and energy wanting to positively contribute to our future. But it’s hard finding real world alignment with these desires.
Connecting around personal struggles was on most people’s minds. Being human can be extremely hard, but there is ample opportunity for us to improve how we help one another and grow together.

2. Enabling people to better and more fully understand each other is one of the biggest opportunities in existence. For example, could we 4x the contextual understanding we maintain of each other?

3. On my mind this week: why we need AI’s “strategically unprecedented moves” to build the futures we desire. Current fear-based narratives are undermining AI’s necessity and opportunity.

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful, heartfelt, and constructive responses. I’m better because of it.