Engineering the building blocks of the future

June 29, 2018

What are the coolest, most consequential, yet least-known technologies coming online in the world?  The kind that give you hope that we can tackle our most daunting challenges, such as running out of scarce resources or solving pollution and climate change? The kind that are out of the research lab and poised to radically change the world in the next few years?

I have one for you: Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs).

I recently invested in NuMat, a MOF pioneer who has successfully commercialized the technology. In a nutshell, they’re engineering the building blocks of the future one molecule at a time. True nanotechnology.

The tl; dr: Molecules are the building blocks of life, but thus far we’ve only had a basic set to play with. This limitation has severely hampered our ability to innovate. Being able to program and print new molecules opens up new worlds of possibility, in more ways than we can even imagine.

The terms “revolutionary,” “innovative,” and “disruptive” get tossed around a lot. NuMat is legitimately so.

I wrote about NuMat and what this incredibly powerful technology means for the world. It’s worth the 14 minute read. At a minimum, you’ll be able to drop the word “MOFs” at your next dinner party and sound incredibly smart.



PS Last week I asked what you would do with unlimited resources to save the future, and wondered if the world’s wealthiest people are playing new status games with each other. The replies have been fantastic – please keep them coming.